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Applications accepted for England and Wales only. Unfortunately the club does not currently operate in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

COVID-19 recovery:  We will are working as quickly as we can to reach each area, processing as many applications in that area as we can. Due to the current backlog and continued increased demand there may be significant delays before we can arrange visit for new appplications.

Application - Site visit timescale : 4-6 months.

Telephone Mobile

Land Line
Site name
Site address
Post code
Directions to site
If the site is not at you home address, please state full home address, include post code.
If address is different please state distance apart
If you don't live on site how will the site be supervised
You must have a permanent residential address within 5 miles and
be able to visit daily. Site stewards can not live on
certified sites in movable dwellings
Approximate usable area of site, only include area where it is possible to pitch a tent or caravan Acres
Longitude and Latitude or three words
Are you owner / tenant/ manager
If tenant / manager do have you written consent  from owner
Licenses requested Stewardship

5 Caravan pitches ( paragraph 5 )

Rallies upto 28 days ( paragraph 4 )

Meetings upto 5 days members only ( paragraph 6 )

Tent camping

For what purpose has the land been used previously
Access road type to site
Local amenities close by Swimming

Bus Service

Taxi Services

Nearby Shops

Near to Beach ( Walking distance )

Nearby Sports and recreational facilities

Near by Public House

Nearby Medical Centre

Nearby Garage/service station


What facilities are available on site
Permanent drinking water supply must be available.
We can not accpet bottled water supplies or
portable supplies unless provided by a regulated
water company.
Drinking water stand pipes

Flushing Toilets

Composting toilets

Chemical toilets

Chemical toilet disposal point ( Sealed tank or mains drains )

Grey water disposal

Dry waste bins


Wash basins

Washing up sinks

Electric hook up points

Ice block freezing



Gas Exchange


Playing field



Swimming pool

Service Points

Club House

Games Room



Site type Glamping



Wild Camping

Farm stay



Adult only

Adult only 25+

Groups and parties


What local authority area is your site in
Distance from nearest neighbour M
Screening between nearest neighbour None

Trees or hedges

Buildings or high walls ( > 5ft )

Low walls ( < 5ft )

Any other relevant information
Please include details of any article 4 directions, enforcement notices, covenants or any other legal restriction of permitted development
We will review your application shortly, should your initial application be approved we will make arrangements for a site assessment.
  • This may be between 1 and 6 weeks time.
  • The site visit will take around 11/2 hours.
  • Site visits cost 150 and are payable prior to the visit.

Site assessments include

  • Flood risk assessment
  • SSSI impact assessment
  • Access assessment
  • Site safety assessment
  • Secondary regulatory complience screening
  • Local authority and local resident consultation

We also offer

  • Informal planning advice
  • Marketing advice

Once complete if your site is deemed suitable we will make a formal offer of exemption.


** Please note that at busy periods of time through the summer months your application may be held in a queue.

I confirm I have read the club terms and conditions, I agree to abide by those terms and condition should my application be successful. I have complete the application form to the best of my knowledge and understanding. I am the current legal occupier (owner/tennant) of the land to which this application relates.





* Please note that due to the volatile fuel and energy markets our cost may change at short notice. We will always inform you of the cost to you before payment is required, however this may be different to the current cost displayed above.