Freedom caravan and camping club



Campsite Terms and conditions

  1. As a site owner/manager or event organiser you are obliged to ensure the site to which you are inviting visitors to is safe and suitable for use as a campsite.

  2. Public liability insurance must be in place whilst any visitors reside on your site

  3. Electrical safety certificates must be provided if electrical hook-up point are available or access to electrical sockets are made available to visitors

  4. Regular maintenance check must be made and any repairs to facilities, appliances or site structures must be made as soon as reasonably possible. Where a facility, appliance or structure may cause injury to a visitor it should be removed or cordoned off immediately.

  5. Accurate records of all visitors must be recorded

  6. Monitor and maintain good behaviour of members and non members on site

  7. Advertise rallies, special offers and events on the club website

  8. Supervise pitching of units on site to ensure correct spacing are observed

  9. Actively encourage non members to become club members and submit new membership details to the club via the website

  10. Facilities such as drinking water, waste water, chemical toilet waste, recycling bins must be clearly sign posted

  11. Chemical toilet waste must be disposed of appropriately either in a mains drain or into a separate sealed container and removed by a specialist waste company. Chemical toilet waste can not be put into septic tanks, treatment plants or open drains. You must consult you environmental health office if you are unsure of suitable means of disposal.

  12. You must provide sealed refuse bins for domestic waste and appropriate storage facilities for any other waste such a BBQ coals. If waste facilities are not available this must be clearly written in any site description published and all visitors must be made aware that they have to take rubbish away with them.

  13. A sign with emergency procedures must be displayed on site and visitors must be made aware of its location on arrival. A suitable fire point be designated and signed. Where appropriate a means of raising alarm and tackling small fires. Where a means of raising the alarm is not provided clear instruction must be provided on how to evacuate units must be given.

  14. Supervise visitor behaviour ensuring no visitor acts in a way which may cause injury, damage or nuisance to another visitor, local resident or member of the public or their belongings. Report any serious incident to the club.

  15. Display a club logo and link to our website on websites and publication issued by the site owner

  16. Promote the club in a positive and encouraging way

  17. Where applicable adhere to the countryside code, caravan code and seashore code.

  18. Use the site for purposes of recreation and promotion of recreational activities only.

  19. Uphold offers, vouchers and discounts which are presented by members. As part of the club recruitment and development program, we may issue vouchers to members, these are for the benefit of the club as a whole and in turn benefit sites. i.e. We will issue a voucher for 1 free nights camping each year to all members. The voucher will be valid for the year display on the voucher and terms will be clearly marked on the voucher.

  20. Sites should have all cost clearly advertised. The club does not promote the practise of hidden cost. Low site fees but numerous additional cost for essential facilities does not promote loyalty and in some cases creates a disagreeable experience, where these costs are unavoidable they should be appropriately priced.

  21. Not to use any land for which has not been visited and approved by a club official.

  22. Restrict occupancy to the capacity agreed with the club ( 10% increase is acceptable for busy holiday periods )

  23. Limit consecutive duration of member visits to 28 days and duration of rallies to 28 days

  24. Maintain appropriate spacing of units and ancillary part

  25. Not to overuse the site by ruining maximum capacity for long periods of time

  26. Maintain clear definition between individual rallies, tent camping and 5 all year pitches

  27. Maintain adequate recreational area for camper ( 10% of site size )

  28. Restrict vehicle speeds to 5mph

  29. Ensure fires and BBQ are suitable placed.