Freedom caravan and camping club


Seasonal pitches - Greener Caravanning

Why does Freedom camping club offer seasonal caravan pitches at certified sites when other clubs don't.

The advantages of seasonal pitches and short term unoccupied pitches far outweigh any risks or financial loss, here's just a few reasons.

  1. Less disruption to CS locations
  2. Steady, reliable income for CS owners
  3. Less disruption to local residents
  4. Less disruption to roadways in general
  5. Lower fuel emissions/ reduced environmental pollution
  6. Reduced road ware
  7. Better public relations for caravanning

Not convinced? Read more.

Most caravanning club members use their caravans on regular weekend outings. While other clubs prohibit unoccupied caravans on CS sites, every Friday afternoon and Sunday morning there are thousands of caravan travelling around the country, unnecessarily. This just doesn't make sense for anyone.

We all know that towing a caravan adds extra cost to a journey by increasing fuel consumption. Not only does it increased fuel consumption cost but creates more pollution by burning more fuel. And it doesn't stop there, the additional strain on the car reduces the frequency a cars engine management system can invoke pollution reducing systems like EGR, Stratified air flow and lean fuel burn.

Caravanning is a great way for people to enjoy the country and what it has to offer, but there are negative effects on other people. Caravans take up more road space, travel slower and take longer to leave junctions. Although an individual car towing a caravan may not cause significant disruption, when there are thousands on our roadways, it can lead to congestion, especially on bank holiday weekends and other peak times. Congestion cost the British economy millions each year.

On average a car weighs around 1.5 tons and a caravan can weighs around 1 ton. The difference is that the heavier car has it weight spread over 4 wheels making a ground weight per wheel around 375KG. Where as most caravans have 2 wheels making a ground weight per wheel 500kg. More pressure on roads, increases faults, especially on small country roads which may have less substantive substrates.

Encouraging caravenners to leave there caravans on certified sites and visit more regularly has obvious financial benefits to CS owners. Reduces the risk of damage to the land at Certified sites and reduces disruption to local residents.

What do we mean by seasonal pitch or short term unoccupied pitches. A seasonal pitch can range from March to November and shot term unoccupied pitches can be for 2 weeks of more, whenever you intend to return to a site shortly after your first visit. You have to agree the terms with the site owner and you can not occupy the caravan for more than 28 consecutive nights.