Freedom caravan and camping club



Freedom Camping Club Glamping and seasonal pitch guidelines

These guidelines have been replaced by the Movable Dwelling Guidelines 5/22

Recreational movable dwellings

UK exemption legislation does not specify terms of ownership in the caravan site control of development act nor the public health act, therefore sites issued with exemption certificates are permitted to host rental accommodation providing the movable dwelling is for the purpose of facilitating recreational camping or caravanning activities and the following critera are met.

  1. Any unit is easily movable from one site to another.
  2. Safe for transport on public roads by being towed by a car or on a transport vehicle.
  3. Recommended to meet BS EN 1645 or BS EN 1647
  4. Dimension of less than 2.55m wide, 7m long and weigh less than 3500kg
  5. All caravan equivalent units must be on a wheeled chassis and have a draw bar or towing 'A' frame
  6. Easily moveable within a reasonable time scale ( 1 hour as a guide )
  7. Have no special modifications that limit the siting of the dwelling to specific pitches.
  8. Have a suitable place for storage when not in regular use.
  9. All electrical, water or drainage fitting must be user removable and quick release.

Duration of use

Facilities may be sited on pitches for seasonal recreation use but not remain in place out of season when not in regular use. I.E where a facility is not in use for a period of 28 days or more it should be removed from the defined exempted site and moved into a suitable storage area or taken away.

Site operators must ensure they have legal rights for storage.

No unit may be used by the same individual for more than 28 consecutive days or more than 100 days in any 12 month period.

Rental movable dwelling safety

Where a facility is made available to club members or members of the public by the site operator, it is the site operators responsibility to ensure the facility is safe and suitable for use.

  1. All units must have a BS EN3 fire extinguisher.
  2. All units must be fitted with a working smoke alarm
  3. Units with internal fuel burning appliances must be fitted with Carbon Monoxide alarms

Glamping pods, Shepherds huts and Gypsy caravans

These movable dwellings are legally classified as caravans, however for these dwellings to be used on exempted sites they must retain features of touring caravans and not be modified for permanent use, nor should any pitch be designed to solely host any specific dwelling.

As these dwellings are classified as caravans they do count towards the maximum number of 5 caravans allowed on a paragraph 5 certified site.

Tepees, Bell tents, Safari tents and Yurts

These movable dwellings are classified as tents providing the walls and roof are of flexible material and not rigid nor clad with rigid materials, either inside or out nor should there be any fixed internal structures.

Tent bases

Any tent base must be capable of being packed and transported with the tent, temporary and movable or have appropriate planning approval.