Freedom caravan and camping club



About Freedom Camping Club

Who we are

Freedom Camping Club are a family orientated club. Our purpose is to identify and make available safe and suitable locations for the purposes of enjoyment and engagement with the natural environment this country has to offer. We believe strongly that recreational camping and caravanning has a significant role to play in developing strong social family bonds and creating memories of family interaction which in today's technology driven world is sometimes forgotten.

We are an exempted caravan and camping organisation, authorised by the government to administrate campsite certificates, enabling sites to be used as caravan and camping parks without need for planning permission or a licence from their local authority.

We are authorised to administrate exemption certificates under paragraph 4, 5 and 6 of the First schedule, Caravan sites control of Development Act, 1960 and section 269 Public health act 1936.

We are one of the few exempted organisation in England who have this authorisation, others include The Camping and Caravanning Club, The Caravan Club, The Central Council for British naturism and The Second chance children's Charity.

We are a fully formed club with a committee, club constitution and code of conduct.

What we do

We issue exemption certificates to small non-commercial sites so they can operate as a campsite. There is no need for planning permission or a licence from your council. We assess your site, to ensure it is safe and suitable for use and then issue a certificate.

There is no limit to how many caravans, tents, motor homes you can apply to accept, however we do have criteria which will limit occupation by factors such as access, locality, impact on neighbours and the facilities you have available.


Any one can join the club as a member. Its free to join and we give 1 free night camping to members every year.

Members can take advantage of the low cost and a diverse array of camp sites around the country. Getting access to places that would not normally be available or would cost considerably more.

We have regular competitions, giving away camping equipment, camping vouchers and sometimes cash prizes.

Our purpose

Our purpose it to facilitate the meeting of two specific groups of people. People who own land and want to make it available for use and people who want to visit places of interest for recreation and relaxation purposes.

We licence, administer, advise and promote campsites.

We offer search facilities to members to find camp sites and incentives to visit, revisit and enjoy.

Our Policy

We have an open club policy, we are non exclusive, accepting of all regardless of colour, race, gender, economic background.